Find Ip Address on OS X Yosemite

ifconfig gives lots of info but if you wanted to find your local ip adress here you go (Note: this command was tested on iMac)
ifconfig en1 | grep 'inet ' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $2}'

Cloning project from github

Its been long time since I wrote article. Simple Shell script to clone the git repository. This script will ask following questions

JPA Spring Java Config

Simple code snippet which demonstrates how to configure JPA with Spring using java configuration.

Simple Spring Application with Java config in 5 minutes

Quick and simple, if you want to create a simple spring application which demonstrates Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming, Java based configuration you are at the right place. In this sample demonstration we are going to create SimpleSpring utility application by using annotations as much as possible including injecting your Main class using IoC.

Create Maven Web Application command line

Using mvn command and the archetypes available you can easily create a dynamic java web application. And then if you need you can convert that into eclipse project using eclipse plug-in. Lets say I wanted to create a project called webappdemo then open a command prompt and run

Spring JDBC Batch Insert

In this article we are going to perform a Batch Insert using Spring JdbcTemplate on a in memory H2 database. We are going to use Java based Spring configuration to create dataSource and Autowire same using annotations. I have used maven to build the project and leveraged STS to built this project.

Why I choose Drupal

I have started this website in 2006 with an idea of sharing what I know and I what I do in terms of application development, and when I started putting my content on site I didn't even know about CMS and it's capabilities. So I have started putting my content using plain old HTML and in fact it was so tedious to put content in the HTML format and I lost my concentration on active content and slowly I have moved and started understanding the internals of HTML and web programming though they are not my main areas of interest


Spring Framework Bean Scopes

Before developing web applications using any framework you need to understand different scopes provided by that framework so that you can use them accordingly based on your requirement

One of the popular frameworks among them is Spring MVC and basically it supports 5 different scopes

DB2: Truncate table

When you typically delete data form any table those records will be written to transaction logs for the recovery purpose and if you are deleting data form large tables you may end up getting transaction log full errors and your delete will rollback. Reason behind that is that the space DBA's had given for transaction logs are very limited and that space couldn't hold all those records which you are deleting from that table, specially if that table has blob, clob or XML columns and they may contain large data sets.

Java Generics : Extract objects from Raw List by data type

Some times if you are calling services and those service is returning complex raw list which is composed of different primitive and complex pojo objects as list items and if you want to extract specific data by its data type you need to check such data type using instanceOf and if you have very large list of pojos in that raw list its really hard to navigate and get the required data out.


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ifconfig gives lots of info but if you wanted to find your local ip adress

Its been long time since I wrote article.

Simple code snippet which demonstrates how to configure JPA with Spring

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